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Your Guide to Credit Card Activation

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Activate Bank America Credit Card Accounts

Are you ready to start using your Bank of America credit card? It is a pretty simple process to activate Bank America credit card accounts. If you have access the Internet, than many activation needs can be met in five minutes or less. It all starts your Bank of America online banking identification and passcode. Have these ready so that you can have your credit card verified and then activated.

If you have not set up an online banking account with Bank of America as of yet, then it is easier for most customers to enroll their account into online banking first and then activate the card. Bank of America will confirm your identity and then make it possible to use revolving line of credit. You can sign into online banking or enroll your account today from the primary BoA activation page.

Do You Have a Debit Card to Activate?

Bank of America is a full banking institution, not just a credit card lender. Many customers will have a credit card and a debit card that they need to activate. There are three different ways that you can activate a debit card from this lender.

  1. The easiest way is to sign into your online banking dashboard and activate Bank America credit card and debit card accounts at the same time.
  2. You may also contact the following toll-free number to activate your debit card: 1 (888) 624-2323. This number is for customers based in the United States only. If you are in Canada, the UK, or somewhere else in the world, then there is a number that you may call collect to activate your debit card: (925) 675-6195. Make sure to mention that you are calling to activate your card when you have reached the operator.
  3. If you know your current PIN for your Bank of America card, then you can make a purchase with it and this will activate the card. You may also activate the card by entering your PIN into an ATM or automated banking machine as you check balances or take out money.

Please note that these specific activation methods are dedicated to debit cards only.

What If There Is No Internet Access?

There may be times that you need activate Bank America credit card accounts when there is no Internet access. You need help with your credit card activation and it is before 10 PM Eastern time, then you may call the following phone number: 1 (800) 472-1000. Credit card activations can happen around the clock at this toll-free number, but the customer service that you receive is more reliable if you place your call for the time listed above.

It is easy to activate your Bank America credit card accounts following the steps above. Log into your thinking dashboard, contact the toll-free number that works best to meet your needs, or just use your debit card to make a purchase. Either way, will have immediate access to your credit and debit accounts.

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