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Your Guide to Credit Card Activation

How To Active American Express Cards Quickly

American Express is one of the oldest credit card lenders in the world today. Many people are familiar with their credit cards because they are often structured in a way that does not allow revolving debt. Good credit customers today, however, you have the ability to roll over a limited amount of purchases from month-to-month.

Whether you have an ongoing line of credit with AMEX or you have to pay off your card every month, you have to activate American Express cards before you can use them.

Here are the steps that you need to take to make sure that your card is appropriately activated.

#1. Activating your American Express card online is the easiest method.

Make sure that you have your new AMEX card out. You will need to answer in the four digit card number that is in upper right corner on the front of the card. You will also need to put in your name as it appears on your new card. The online activation process also requires you to input your American Express card account number. Once you have done this on the global American Express website, you will be ready to begin personalizing your account.

#2. You will need to activate your new American Express chip card immediately.

American Express is issuing card a new chip card for 2015 and beyond. To make sure that you can still use your AMEX card or ATM services, you will need to activate the card as soon as you receive it. Make sure that you sign the back of the card immediately and destroy your old card by cutting through the magnetic strips so that it is appropriately destroyed. Any supplementary cards that are issued on your American Express account will need to be notified to avoid usage problems after December 31, 2014.

#3. American AMEX cards have a slightly different activation process.

You are a US-based account holder needs to activate American Express cards, then you will need to go through the American activation website. You will be required to enter your 15 digit card number and the four digit card ID that can be found in the upper right-hand corner on the front of your American Express card. Once you have entered this information, you will be allowed to set up your account preferences and then see all of the card benefits that apply to your specific account.

#4. Cash-based American Express cards have a different activation procedure.

American Express also offers prepaid credit cards that can be used wherever the AMEX logo is seen. In order to activate these pay cards, you will either need to have the cashier at the pay station activated for you upon purchase or go online to activate the card. If you purchase the card for yourself, then you may also call this toll-free number to activate your prepaid AMEX card: 1 (866) 207-7970.

#5. Are you a Serve customer of American Express?

Serve cards need to be activated through the online portal. Use your email and password to log into your dashboard. You don’t have an online presence, then register your account at that activate your card. If you need help with this process, call 24/7 customer service at: 1 (800) 954-0559.

When you activate American Express cards, you get a higher level of flexible spending with some pretty great rewards. Activate your card today using these steps and then shop wherever you see the next logo.

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