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Your Guide to Credit Card Activation

Capital One Card Activation

Capital One is one of the leading providers of credit cards today and there activation process for new account is incredibly simple. As long as you have access to the Internet or telephone, you will be able to activate your new line of credit and begin using your Capital One credit card.

Most Capital One credit cards come with a peelable sticker that is affixed to the front of the card. Simply call the number or visit the website that is listed on this sticker and you’ll be able to activate the card.

If you have lost that sticker or can’t find the information that you need to verify that you are indeed the account holder of the credit card in your hand, and here is what you are going to need do.

Set up an online account. Setting your Capital One credit card up with an online account is extremely simple and secure. In order to enroll in online banking so that you can activate your credit card, you will need to have the account number for your credit card on hand. You will also need to have some sort of identification number, which may be a taxpayer number or a Social Security number. A valid email address and the three digit security code that is on the back of your card may also be required.

Visit the dedicated website for activation. When you receive your new credit card in the mail, you can visit Need to have your username and password you just created from setting up your online account in order to complete the activation. You will also need the three digit CVV code that is on the back of your credit card next to the signature line.

You can also call customer service. Capital One has several toll-free numbers that you can call and all of them will be able to help you activate your new credit card. The primary activation number that is found on most credit card stickers is 1 (800) 678-7820. You may also call the toll-free number that is on the back of your card, which is also a good number to call if your Capital One card is lost or stolen for some reason. You can also call this number: 1 (800) 955-7070. Press the pound [#] key in order to reach a customer service agent.

Did you call the automated number? Your Capital One credit card is not officially activated until the automated system gives you a confirmation. If you hang up before you receive the confirmation, your credit card will not be activated and you will need to call the toll-free number once again. If you attempt to make a purchase with your credit card without receiving the activation confirmation, the credit card will be denied.

You may be given a confirmation number in the automated system for the customer service representative who activate your credit card. Make a note of this confirmation number request one so that encounter future problems with your credit card, be able to resolve the situation more quickly.

Activating your Capital One credit card is simple, easy, and secure. Follow these instructions and will be able to start using your new credit card in no time at all.

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