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Your Guide to Credit Card Activation

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Ready to Activate Your BMO MasterCard?

The activation of a new credit card is an exciting life event. It is a testament to your good credit score and it shows that a lender is willing to place a certain level of trust in your spending habits. The Bank of Montréal, or BMO, is a leading lender in providing revolving lines of credit. With nearly $600 billion in assets, BMO is one of the largest bakes in all of Canada. If you are ready to activate your BMO MasterCard, then here is what you need to do.

The Simplest Method: Go Online

BMO allows for their MasterCard to be activated online. Make sure that you have your MasterCard number on hand as you visit the Bank of Montréal activation link. Once the page is loaded, all you have to is input your credit card number into the marked field and then click the large red “Submit” button in the middle of the screen. You may be asked for personal information to identify yourself as the primary account holder. Follow the instructions and you will be able to activate your BMO MasterCard.

Sometimes the online website does not successfully activate the BMO MasterCard. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

  • Your new revolving line of credit might not be available from the bank as of yet.
  • You may have transposed some of the numbers from your MasterCard.
  • The information packet that is sent with your credit card number may have been rerouted or the servers may not be available at the time you click to submit.

For most users, the online activation process is simple and successful. If it is not for you, then you still have options that will allow you to activate your BMO MasterCard.

You Can Activate Your Card Over the Telephone

If you have associated a home phone number with your new Bank of Montréal credit card, then it may be possible to activate this card using your telephone. The primary number to contact if the online activation process is not working is this: 1 (800) 263-2263. This toll-free number will put you into contact with the BMO Financial customer service representative group. If hold times are long at this number or you don’t receive activation success, then an alternative number to try would be 1 (866) 859-2089.

BMO Card Activation

Once you have completed the steps, you will be able to take advantage of the BMO MasterCard rewards that are associated with your account. This lender offers a number of unique reward programs, including airline miles, cash back on every purchase, and even some student rewards. You have one year to activate revolving line of credit with the bank of Montréal. If you do not activate your card in this time using the methods above, then your account may be closed.

You can activate your BMO MasterCard today. Tomorrow you have flexible spending power.

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