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How To Get Your Global Cash Card Activated

Activate Global Cash Card

What is a Global Cash Card? It is a simple and easy method take a company’s payroll solution and turn it into a 100% paperless spending option. With world-class charity and cutting-edge technology, employees get an easy way to access their paychecks and companies can save almost 3 dollars per check thanks to electronic money transfers. Based on the average weekly payroll of current GCC customers, companies save over $15,000 each week using this cash card.

Did your employer give you a GCC card? If so, then you will need to activate it before being able to access the paycheck that has been put on it. Make sure to treat this card like cash so that you can have the flexible spending power that it provides when you need it. Here is how you can activate your Global Cash Card.

Online Activation Is the Easiest Method

GCC makes activating a new account as simple as possible. Make sure you have your cash card handy and then visit the GCC online activation portal. You will need to provide your card number and the expiration date on your new card. You also need to provide security text to prove that you are actually a human at the computer. Click the continue button below and then finish setting up your online account. That’s really how easy it is to activate your GCC card online.

This applies for the new personalized MasterCard or Visa card that you were issued. This is not apply to the instant issue pay cards that you may have been given by your employer as your paycheck. It is important to keep your instant issue pay card, however, because it can act as a backup card in case you lose the personalized MasterCard or Visa card that you are activating today.

You Can Also Call Toll Free to Activate Your Card

You prefer to complete your Global Cash Card activate needs off-line, then there is a toll-free activation line that GCC has provided just for you. Contact a customer service representative at 1 (866) 929-8096 and they will be able to activate your new card and just minutes.

Once your personalized cash card has been activated, you will have access to your paycheck immediately once your employer releases the funds. You can then spend this money at merchants around the world or withdraw it from an ATM at your convenience. The money on your GCC cash card is secure. Not only is it FDIC insured, but it is also protected by the zero liability policies that are implemented by MasterCard and Visa.

If you have lost your new cash card that has the personalized ported immediately. Call (949) 751-0360 to have activity on your cash card stopped. You can also put your own money onto your Global Cash Card after it has been activated through MoneyGram or Western Union.

Complete your Global Cash Card activate needs today so that you can spend your paycheck in a way that you want.

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