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Your Guide to Credit Card Activation

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How To Activate a MasterCard

As a payment processor, MasterCard provides millions of people with fast access to their credit lines and debit accounts that they need.

Purchases are simple and required just a swipe for tap of the card. In order to use that credit card, however, it must first be activated. If you have a MasterCard that isn’t working, and you know that there is cash available, then there is a good chance that the card simply needs to be activated.

Here is what you need to do.

#1. Did your MasterCard come with a toll-free number on a sticker?

When you receive your MasterCard in the mail, there is generally a large white sticker that is placed across the front of the card. This sticker has specific instructions on how to activate your MasterCard. They are dependent on the lender or bank that is providing your card. You generally just need to contact a toll-free number in order to activate your car and you will get to do so automatically. Some MasterCard’s can be activated through an online account. It all depends on the lender who is using MasterCard as the payment processor.

#2. Did you hang up prematurely?

The most common reason why a MasterCard does not get activated is because a lending institution has a policy that new customers must speak with an actual customer service representative. After punching in the numbers and information that the automatic system requires, it may attempt to transfer you to a live agent. You hang up before this transfer is completed, your MasterCard will not be activated.

#3. Was your MasterCard approval revoked?

Until the moment your MasterCard is officially activated, you don’t officially have an account with that lending institution. Although rare, some accounts have been revoked after the card from MasterCard has been issued. If you are getting error messages when you are following the activation instructions, then this may have happened to you. You will need to speak with a customer service agent to resolve the situation.

#4. Is your MasterCard account in the name of someone else?

Some institutions do not allow a joint account holder for an additional cardholder to activate the initial account. Sometimes the primary account holder must be the one to initiate the activation. Even if you have successfully activated your MasterCard, the primary account holder must be able to activate the account for you to be able to use the new card.

#5. Could your account information have been stolen?

Data hacking at retailers is so prevalent today that some MasterCard’s have their information stolen before they can even be activated. If this should be discovered while the card is in transit, then the card in your hand will never be able to be available for purchases. You will instead be issued a new card and be required to follow the activation instructions once again.

By following these instructions, quickly activate your MasterCard. Once you do, then you have the ability to make purchases at millions of retailers.

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